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The NHL All-Star Game will take place in Sunrise, Florida just outside of Miami – the home of the Florida Panthers. And it looks like the league has quite a bold and unique plan to bring some local flavor to the weekend by incorporating some iconic Florida wildlife into the events.

Yes, we’re talking about alligators.

According to B/R Open Ice, the NHL is considering using alligators in one of the events during the 2023 NHL All-Star Game festivities.

“The NHL is looking at ways to include alligators in the 2023 All-Star Outdoor Event in Florida, via 32 Thoughts Podcast,” B/R Open Ice shared on Twitter.

It’s not currently clear how the NHL plans to use the alligators in the event – whether they’ll somehow be on the ice, whether they’ll be in a cage, or whether players will interact with them. But just the idea of the NHL utilizing these large carnivorous lizards was enough to get the NHL world talking and speculating.

Regardless of how they choose to incorporate the alligators into All-Star weekend, the NHL still has plenty of time to prepare and figure it out. The 2023 NHL All-Star Game is slated for Feb. 4 with the skills challenge festivities scheduled for Feb. 3.

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