Sidney Crosby’s health has been one of the biggest stories of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs. After being diagnosed with a concussion, Crosby quickly returned to action much to the chagrin of those who believe the NHL’s policy towards concussions (or lack of an enforced policy) could result in serious long-term harm to the players.

Now, the NHL is in hot water after censoring out a comment towards Crosby regarding his health in an official league video.

After the Pittsburgh Penguins eliminated the Ottawa Senators, Erik Karlsson told Crosby to “get another one” and “hope you’re healthy” in the handshake line. When the NHL released the same video, they removed the “hope you’re healthy” comment.

First, here’s the uncensored conversation:

Compare that to this video from the NHL’s Facebook page. The important part is right at the end of the video.

If you missed it, the second video from the NHL’s official Facebook page had the audio completely muted when Karlsson made the healthy comment to Crosby.

That’s pretty damning, isn’t it? Why would the league mute this comment unless they realize they’re at fault with how Crosby – and other concussion situations – have been handled? This looks like a pretty big admission of guilt or wrongdoing.

It’s truly bizarre as this article on the league’s website includes the original video with uncensored audio and even quotes Karlsson’s healthy comment. If you’re going to censor one video, why not police the article too?

This probably won’t go over too well for the NHL in future lawsuits related to concussions.

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