Predators goalie Juuse Saros Predators goalie Juuse Saros got hockey fans talking and laughing, after a hilarious sequence against the Oilers.

Anyone who has ever tried to stand completely still for more than a couple of seconds knows that it’s hard to do. Eventually, you’ll start to fidget and move, even if only barely. On ice, it’s even tougher. So, what Nashville Predators goalie, Juuse Saros did on Monday during a game against the Edmonton Oilers, was particularly impressive.

Nashville defenseman Dante Fabbro was behind his net with the puck. In front of the net was Edmonton center, Klim Kostin. Between them was Saros, who has not facing either man, but looking to the wall left of the Predators net. And while Fabbro was making motions trying to fake Kostin, and Kostin was reacting accordingly, Saros looked like a statue. He did not move.

Brady Trettenero of Gino Hard tweeted the sequence, with the caption, “Someone unplugged Jusse Sarros’ controller.”

If Saros’ controller being unplugged wasn’t the best comparison for what happened here, one that another fan, Dan Morse, tweeted was. Morse compared it to a school play, saying “when you take your role as “tree” in the school play very seriously.”

There were other observations. While Saros plays for the Predators, Scott Matla of Montreal Canadiens fan site, Eyes on the Prize, compared Saros to an animal seeing a potential predator in nature.

“Remember, attacking forwards vision is based entirely on movement. Saros is just protecting himself”

Of course, comparisons weren’t the only reactions. Mike McKenna of Daily Faceoff reacted with a statement that can’t be debated — “This is exceedingly funny.”

Craig Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus saw it a slightly different way, fearing that back trouble may be in Saros’ future.

“me, watching this with my 36-year-old back: please, you have to stop doing that. just for the love of god straighten up.”

While Saros wasn’t moving here, he moved around well enough over the rest of the game. He made 30 saves as the Predators defeated the Oilers, 4-3 in overtime.

[Brady Trettenero on Twitter]

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