Here’s an old-school beauty hit from the NHL.

In recent years, certain plays in hockey have faded with the times. The game isn’t as rough and tumble as it once was, instead, it’s more fast-paced and skill-oriented. The change means fans haven’t been privy to many great hip checks in recent seasons, but Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov made up for it with a single blow.

In a game against the Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday, Orlov caught Avs forward Matt Duchene crossing towards the middle of the offensive zone. Duchene tried to maneuver around Orlov but instead opened himself up for a huge hit. Orlov went low on Duchene, flipping him over his back for a beautifully brutal hip check.

That’s one heck of a hip-check. Thankfully, Duchene got up almost immediately and didn’t appear to be injured on the play. I’d imagine he’ll think twice before deciding to cross-up on Orlov like that next time. What a hit.


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