Women's hockey fight

For almost as long as the game has been around, fights have been a part of hockey – no matter how much the leagues might want to get them out of the sport. And that was certainly true this week as during a women’s hockey game between Romania and Bulgaria in Europe this week, there was an absolutely massive fight that’s since gone viral on social media.

On Sunday afternoon, Hockey Worldwide shared the video of a benches-clearing brawl between Bulgaria and Romania that erupted as time expired during the Division 3 Group A 4th place game of the women’s hockey world championship.

“BENCH CLEARING BRAWL AT THE WOMEN’S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP D3A BETWEEN ROMANIA AND BULGARIA,” Hockey Worldwide said in a tweet. “554 penalty minute game.”

Hockey Worldwide explained the situation in a little more detail in some follow-up tweets.

“In the final game host Romania played Bulgaria to determine 4th place. Romania erupted for 7 goals in the third period to win 10-2 in what was already a chippy game. Bulgaria had 2 game misconducts throughout the match and a fighting penalty,” Hockey Worldwide explained in a tweet. “19 players were given 25 minute penalties while Romania also was assessed a 20 minute penalty for abuse of officials. Of course with the tournament being over it means nothing, but we’ll see if the IIHF assesses suspensions for further tournaments.”

It was an absolutely wild scene and the video has since gone totally viral on social media with plenty of sports fans reacting to the insane fight.

No matter who’s playing it or where it’s played, hockey is still hockey.

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