Corruption continues to rear its ugly head in Rio.

Former Rio governor Sergio Cabral was arrested on corruption charges Thursday after he allegedly embezzled away $65 million that was supposed to be allocated towards buildings in Rio, including upgrades to Olympic construction, reports

Cabral held office as governor in Rio De Janeiro from 2007 to 2014. The allegations against him are damning. He allegedly took bribes from companies interested in building in Rio for the Olympics and took a five percent cut of every contract. With Rio on the brink of financial collapse, Cabral allegedly milking the Brazilian state dry during an attempt at building towards the future would be scummy.

Cabral allegedly took 5% of the upgrade cost at Maracana stadium, where the opening and closing games of Rio 2016 were held.

BBC reports Cabral’s arrest was a part of a major operation against high-profile corruption.  His arrest involved 230 police officers carrying out “dozens” of search arrest warrants across the state.

In a crazy twist, Cabral wasn’t even the first former governor of Rio De Janeiro arrested this week on corruption charges. Anthony Garotinho, who served as governor from 1999-2002, was arrested Wednesday after being accused of running a vote-for-cash scheme in a 2016 election.

If Cabral was corrupt, he deserves whatever punishment is heading his way. Taking advantage of those already disadvantaged is about as low as it can get.


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