You have to be a pretty low organization to be on the receiving end of extortion claims by Russia. Then again, we are talking about a branch off the Olympics, so anything is possible.

The International Paralympic Committee has been accused of extortion by Russia. The nation claims Russian officials were forced to pay for extra drug testing after Russian athletes were part of a massive doping scandal. Well, Russia, maybe this will teach you a lesson about fair play.

According to the Associated Press, the IPC is charging Russia roughly $608,000 to cover extended costs for increased drug testing. That fee must be paid in order to allow Russia to compete in the 2018 Winter Paralympics in South Korea. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko says the issues are exaggerated, which led him to say “I’d even call them extortion.”

So now we have mighty Russia upset with the IPC, which means we are in for some good old-fashioned international mud slinging! We’ll let Mutko keep this thing rolling.

“The IPC officials think that there’s no one above them but their own conscience,” Mutko said. “What does it mean that the state shouldn’t be among the management? The Paralympic movement does nothing anywhere in the world without state support.”

For now, let’s just sit back and watch as Russia battles the IPC over these fees while it also tries to claim its athletes are clean.

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