The Ryan Lochte saga is not over quite yet.

The U.S. swimmer will be summoned to appear at a hearing in front of Brazil’s Justice Department regarding the incident from the Olympics, according to ESPN.

ESPN reports that Lochte will not be permitted to give his testimony in the United States, as Decetive Clemente Braune stated. Braune was responsible for the investigation in the case. If Lochte does not appear at the hearing, the case will go on without his testimony.

Braune told ESPN, “We depend on this measure of cooperation, but he has to come to Brazil and testify in court.”

FOX News details other scenarios in the case, including what happens if he doesn’t appear:

There is no penalty for him not appearing in front of the Justice Department, but if he doesn’t appear he won’t be able to engage in a plea deal, Detective Clemente Braune said. Lochte returned to the U.S. last week.

The civil police in Brazil say they will finish their investigation this week and send their findings to state prosecutors. Through an international cooperation agreement, the findings will be sent to the proper federal U.S. law enforcement agency which will notify Lochte, police add.

Early Thursday evening, Rio police charged Lochte with making a false report of robbery, according to the Associated Press:

On top of this, ESPN reports that Lochte could possibly be sued for damage to property by the owner of the gas station. The owner of the gas station is expected to give the police a statement next week.

We will continue to update you as this story develops.



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