James Tyler Jeopardy! ESPN’s James Tyler wins a game of Jeopardy! Screengrab via Jeopardy! YouTube.

Host Jessica Kleinschmidt talks with ESPN FC senior editor and Jeopardy! champion James Tyler. Jessica and James discuss a variety of topics including being a Jeopardy! champion, Lionel Messi playing in Miami, Luis Rubiales forcibly kissing Jenni Hermoso at the FIFA Women’s World Cup, and more.

Here’s the full breakdown.

  • 3:32: Welcome James Tyler to Short and to the Point
  • 3:49: Lionel Messi making an impact in MLS
  • 4:47: Messi adjusting to the United States
  • 6:23: What’s it like for Messi to not “pan out?”
  • 7:04: Messi as a teammate
  • 8:49: Opposing teams not ignoring Messi’s impact
  • 10:19: Messi opening up doors for foreign players to come to MLS
  • 12:10: How to convince a top player in their prime to play in MLS -13:31: Will Inter Miami lose at any point this season?
  • 15:12: Latest on Luis Rubiales/Jenni Hermoso
  • 16:32: Rubiales kiss not an isolated incident for Spanish women’s soccer
  • 18:55: Spanish FA’s delayed apology to Hermoso
  • 19:56: Ramifications of Rubiales’ temporary suspension by FIFA
  • 21:19: Support for Jenni Hermoso
  • 22:52: Overshadowing Spain’s World Cup win
  • 24:24: When were people taking Spain seriously during Women’s World Cup?
  • 25:29: Trying out for “Jeopardy!”
  • 28:55: Training and preparing for “Jeopardy!”
  • 31:37: Mastering the buzzer
  • 34:48: Characteristics of the quintessential “Jeopardy!” contestant
  • 36:51: Trying out for other game shows
  • 37:51: What did James do with his winnings?
  • 38:47: Reaction to not getting any sports questions
  • 40:21: Doing bar trivia

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