Caitlyn Jenner Gubernatorial recall candidate and celebrity Caitlyn Jenner speaks at the East Valley Republican Women Federated headquarters in La Quinta, Calif., on August 16, 2021. Gubernatorial Recall Candidate Caitlyn Jenner 1241

Caitlyn Jenner is likely the most famous and well-known transgender person on the planet, originally rising to fame for her athletic career before her transition. She’s also very outspoken politically about her conservative Republican views, and she made a pretty clear political statement this week.

After spending much of the week calling out Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis on Twitter, blasting his anti-trans and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and political ads, Caitlyn Jenner took to Twitter once again to share her official endorsement for the upcoming presidential election: former United States President Donald Trump.

“As someone there from day one at @realDonaldTrump inauguration, someone that supported him in the primaries of 2015/2016, then 2020, and today, I will always stand behind this man who has sacrificed it all for our amazing country! #MAGA,” Jenner said in a tweet.

It’s a pretty bold message from Jenner, who has long been a supporter of Donald Trump dating back nearly eight years to the very beginning of Trump’s political career. And her clear statement quickly went viral on social media, leading to quite a few reactions as a result.

There’s certainly no mystery about who Jenner will be voting for or supporting in the upcoming Republican primaries.

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