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In recent months and years, transgender women in sports have become a hot topic across the country and the world as people debate whether or not transgender women should be allowed to compete in women’s sports. And now, OJ Simpson is giving his thoughts on the matter.

The former NFL MVP, who was infamously arrested and charged with murder back in 1994, admitted that he’s tried to stay away from the debate. But he couldn’t keep quiet any longer.

“There’s a subject that I tried to stay out of, but here lately it’s hard to avoid. I saw Megan Rapinoe said that she would love to be competing against transgender women and look, I’m all for it,” Simpson said. “Look, you be whatever you want to be. To me, it doesn’t really matter.”

However, Simpson does not think that transgender women should be competing in women’s sports.

“A senator in South Carolina stated ‘What if Mike Tyson decides to identify as female?’ Are you going to let him box women? I don’t think so,” Simpson said. “I’m a golfer, and trust me, you could take probably the 350th rated male golfer, now that we know women are making all this money, but if he decides that he wants to identify as a female, trust me he would probably be a top ten female golfer.

“It just isn’t fair. If you’re born a male or a female, I don’t think it’s fair in sports to have them competing against one another. Give them their own category. Let the trans compete against trans, the female against the females and the male against the males.”

He made his stance very clear.

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