Donald Trump Thomas Cordy/The Palm Beach Post-USA TODAY NETWORK

In December, the United States secured the release of WNBA superstar Brittney Griner with a prisoner swap that sent convicted Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout back to Russia. And now, Bout has a message for Donald Trump as the former United States president faces indictment.

Viktor Bout claims that he wired a telegram to Donald Trump earlier this month urging him to move to Russia for his own protection, claiming that Trump’s “life is in peril.”

“The Biden administration will not stop just by dragging you through the court/prison industrial complex. They would sooner end your life than let you stand in their way,” Bout told Trump in the telegram, according to the Russian state media, via Yahoo!.

Bout suggested that Trump could “lead the fight for the American people” from Russia if he were to flee the United States.

“You will be welcome in Russia. You will have safe haven, and from here you can lead the fight for the American people, the rebellion against globalists, and for the bright future of the planet.”

Bout expanded on his comments during an appearance on a Russian state television network.

“First and foremost, I consider that his life is in danger and that the legal process which has now begun in New York won’t just end in Donald Trump being convicted,” Bout said, according to Yahoo. “Most likely, he will simply be eliminated there.”

It’s certainly an interesting development.