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By day, he’s Fort Worth police officer Damon Cole. Also by day, he sometimes dresses up as superheroes when doing demonstrations for children. Such was the case recently when Cole dressed up as Batman for a child’s safety fair at the local Walmart.

When he arrived, per the Houston Chronicle, a man acting strangely happened to be leaving. Cole, in full get-up, followed the man to his car, identifying himself as an off-duty police officer. The man then admitted to having stolen four DVDs including, you guessed it, The Lego Batman Movie.

Then, like the smooth hero he is, Cole dropped a killer catchphrase on him.

“I told him man, you can’t steal my movie.”

Batman then cited the man for theft under $100. Clearly amused by the circumstance, the man even asked to take a selfie with his captor. Cole agreed, so long as the man agreed never to steal again.

If you’re in the Fort Worth area and find yourself in need of a superhero, keep an eye out for Cole, though he takes many forms. The officer says along with his Batman cowl, he also carries a Hulk costume, Captain America’s shield as well as Iron Man and Spider-Man masks with him. More than just a guy who likes to dress up, Cole also has his own nonprofit called Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer. He told the Chronicle that he’s visited children’s hospitals in 17 states so far.

[Officer Damon Cole on Twitter]

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