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Colin Cowherd arrived for his Fox Sports Radio show with a little extra pep in his step on Wednesday after dining next to Kim Kardashian.

Tuesday night, Cowherd had dinner with Kevin LeGrett, the president of iHeartMedia Sports. And while it was nice of LeGrett to pick up the check, Cowherd’s view of Kim Kardashian was seemingly priceless.

Cowherd proudly tweeted a photo that supposedly featured Kardashian’s platinum blonde hair, but his boasting wouldn’t stop there. The Fox Sports Radio host made several Kardashian references during his Wednesday afternoon show as the 58-year-old Cowherd remained starstruck.

“I went to dinner last night and Kim Kardashian sat right next to me,” Cowherd bragged during his show open. “For 45 minutes, I felt like I was hip. By the way, more beautiful in person. That’s what I thought…all natural, all organic.”

Later in the hour, Cowherd again referenced sitting next to Pete Davidson’s ex at dinner. “It’s not even that fancy of a restaurant! It’s around the corner from my house! It’s like a little pasta place. She’s got good taste.”

And in case you didn’t know Cowherd saw Kim Kardashian Tuesday night, maybe the third reference will help reality set in. “I sat next to Kim Kardashian at dinner. I am in the presence of stars last night. She’s got bodyguards! When you’re dealing with people of otherworldly qualities, it’s the price of doing business,” Cowherd said as he attempted to connect dining with Kardashian to Kevin Durant’s drama in Brooklyn.

Not so shockingly, Tuesday’s pasta dinner in the vicinity of Kardashian was not the first time Cowherd referenced the social media superstar. When she split from actor and comedian Pete Davidson last month, Cowherd expressed his dismay on Twitter.

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