Ryan Reynolds is DEADPOOL, aka Wade Wilson, aka the Merc with the Mouth.

Following the wild success of Deadpool, director Tim Miller and star Ryan Reynolds were poised to ride the wave of the biggest R-rated box office in history into the next installment of the series, Deadpool 2. However, the partnership is no more as Miller has left the project, citing creative differences with Reynolds as the reason why.

Miller had not officially signed the contract for Deadpool 2, but was developing the script in anticipation of the film’s 2018 release date. Deadline reports that the split was amicable and Fox plans to keep Miller involved in its high-profile projects.

The original Deadpool was an unquestionable success for nearly everyone involved, which makes this news all the more disappointing. The film easily surpassed its $58 million budget, making $782 worldwide. It also put Miller, who was making his directorial debut, on the map, and reinvigorated Reynold’s floundering career.

Ultimately, Reynolds’ seamless fit into the role of a raunchy, wise-cracking superhero won out over Miller’s talents behind the camera. Miller is sure to be missed on the sequel, but there is only one Deadpool so one can’t imagine studio executives lost too much sleep over the outcome of the split.

The next director will surely have his work cut out for him, but he is entering a vehicle with a proven track record of unprecedented success. All he or she has to do is not screw it up. No pressure, right?

[Deadline/Photo: Marvel]

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