FX’s American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson has captivated viewers with its retelling of the former football players murder trial. The series, co-created by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewksi and executive produced by Ryan Murphy, has been lauded for bringing the case to life with great character acting and storytelling.

Now, the A.V Club is reporting the Esquire Network will be airing the real 1995 trial in a 12-part special titled The Real O.J. Simpson Trial which is set to cover the opening statements to the not-guilty verdict.

The show will obviously condense the months-long trial and surely will quench the public interests thirst into details of what actually happened, even though American Crime Story has done an excellent job in its dramatic retelling.

The AV Club reports episodes will contain courtroom footage from key events, including testimony from star witnesses. If you’re unfamiliar or forgotten how the case played out in court and want to see how it went in real life, the series will be an excellent refresher. It’s somewhat odd that after many years of faded interest in OJ and the trial, we now have the FX series, this development, and the ten hour 30 for 30 that will be airing in June (yes……ten hours).

The Esquire Network will air the series starting on April 3. For those excited to see David Schwimmer represent O.J. Simpson the dramatic retelling is probably best for you, although I’m sure the condensed version of the real trial will be must-watch TV.


[Image via New Yorker]

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