Game of Thrones returns in April, which means we’ve got five more months to over-analyze every clue HBO drops about the fate of Jon Snow and all the rest of Westeros’ finest.

The network released a teaser Thursday, and it’s pretty intense. The 41-second clip begins with Jon Snow looking alive and regal over a super-dramatic voiceover, then cuts to a montage of horrible happenings from the show’s first five seasons (MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD!):

– Ollie stabbing Jon Snow

– Ned Stark being beheaded

– Arya Stark losing her eyesight (or something)

– Some sort of clash involving a White Walker (or maybe that’s a wigt)

– Joffrey dying

– Robb Stark dying

– Jamie Lannister losing his hand

– Daenerys and some dragons

– The Night’s King

– Jojen Reed’s face, followed by the explosion that kills him

– Wigts bursting through the wall at Hardhome

– Cersei’s face, for maybe half a second

– Sansa and Littlefinger kissing

– The Night’s King again

– Jon Snow lying on the ground at the end of Season Five

After a several-second pause…

– Bran warging

Then the screen fades to black and a voice tells us “They have no idea what’s going to happen,” which seems to serve as both a warning to characters in the show and a jab at viewers who think they’ve got everything figured out.

The most valuable thing we can read from this teaser comes from the cut from Jon Snow lying dead to Bran warging. Many GoT fans have suspected Jon Snow may be able to come back to life in a different form, through warging, a power Starks, most notably Bran, have been been known to possess.

Also of note: No mention of the sorceress Melisandre, who showed interest in Jon Snow in Season Five, then rode into Castle Black in the season finale, just in time for him to apparently die.

Man, April cannot come soon enough.

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