Say what you will about Tim Tebow’s athletic accomplishments and pursuits, but there is no denying the guy has a good heart in him and is an inspirational figure. He puts that good charm and reputation to work as well by organizing a worldwide prom for kids with special needs. As you might imagine, Tebow is faced with too many requests to be a prom date for the event organized by his foundation, and he cannot accept them all. He did, however, make up for it for one special guest in the stands at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

At the end of an interview with Fallon, Tebow was set up to ask Judy Adams to a dance on the show. Adams attended one of Tebow’s Night to Shine event in New York City, but Tebow was unable to attend it in person. But we can probably guess that this moment will more than makeup for it as far as Judy (and her mother) is concerned.

Tebow once again comes through in a positive way, as he often does. Stories like this are part of what make Tebow a fan favorite, regardless of what he can or cannot do on the football or baseball field. We can take shots at Tebow’s baseball pursuits, but when it comes to making a lasting memory for a kid, Tebow is flawless.

Ordinarily, we would rip the idea of a promposal, but in this case we find it within reason to cut it some slack. So kudos to Tebow and Fallon for organizing this special moment.


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