Kevin Hart might have strained the limits of his popularity this week by trying to make himself part of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl victory celebration. But we know the comedian and movie star isn’t going anywhere, so maybe just embracing his prominence in pop culture makes things easier.

So the timing might not be ideal, but if you haven’t had your fill of Hart yet, he has a new digital comedy series debuting this week. Cold as Balls is part of his LOL Network and features interviews with athletes from a variety of sports, including Blake Griffin, Lindsey Vonn, Gabby Douglas, Draymond Green and Baron Davis. The series was developed and produced by OBB Pictures, and created by Michael D. Ratner, who also created The 5th Quarter digital sports mockumentary series for go90.

What makes this show different? The host and interviewee are sitting in ice baths during their conversation. Ice baths might be good for recovery and reducing inflammation, but how contemplative can you be when you’re freezing?

In addition to Hart, interviews will be hosted by Terry Crews and Lil Rel Howery. Check out the trailer for the series:

The first episode of Cold as Balls will feature someone else that viewers might be a bit tired of seeing. But he’s everywhere and that probably isn’t going to change in the near-future. LaVar Ball is the first to jump in the ice bath alongside Hart (in separate bathtubs, mind you), which was something of a surprise to the comedian. Hart thought he was interviewing Lonzo Ball, but either LaVar or the producers of the show pulled a fast one on him.

As you can see, Hart is legitimately surprised to have LaVar show up on set. And frankly, he seems to view Ball the same way many others do. But Hart — the self-proclaimed comedic rock star — shows the quick-thinking skills that make him such a sharp comedian and improv talent in movies and quickly comes up with some questions that many fans and media would love to ask LaVar Ball, such as which of his three sons does he like the least?

The first full episode is now available online, which we’re including here. And it’s pretty entertaining. Give it a look:

All right, you’ve fulfilled your LaVar Ball obligation for the week. But it was pretty funny to see Hart make fun of him, right? Especially with the Michael Jordan question and asking which son Ball liked the least?

Cold as Balls premieres Feb. 8, available on the LOL website, YouTube and Facebook. The series will have 12 episodes in total, each running approximately eight to 10 minutes, with each new video premiering on the next 11 Fridays.

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