People love Alec Baldwin. He’s great. He has the best words. Baldwin is terrific. Great guy. Really good guy. Always does well in movies.

Alec Baldwin has had a loooooong successful career. However, one thing he hasn’t done over his career is play Donald Trump. That’s about to change.

For the rest of the election cycle, Baldwin will be playing the businessman turned Republican candidate for President, according to CNN.

CNN reporting the news makes it even better because of the real Trump’s opinion of the network.

While it doesn’t matter what Trump thinks of CNN, it’ll be interesting to see if Baldwin’s version also has a distaste for CNN when SNL debuts its 42nd season on Saturday October 1st.

As fans of the show know, Baldwin has been on SNL for years. He’s hosted a record 16 times and has played candidates before. Last year, Baldwin played Democratic candidate Jim Webb.

Baldwin takes over the roll of Trump from show announcer Darrell Hammond and Taran Killam, who won’t be on the show this season.

As CNN points out, this isn’t the first time a non-cast member is being brought in to play a candidate. Back in 2008, Tina Fey returned to play Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Earlier in 2016, Larry David also appeared to play Senator Bernie Sanders.

It’ll be interesting to see how Baldwin does in Trump’s shoes. However, one can assume he’d do well because as Trump loves to say, he’s a winner, and Baldwin has “win” already attached to his name.


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