The film universe based around DC Comics has had plenty of issues, with horrible reviews, bad movies, and most recently, rumors that the most respectable actor and director attached to their world wants out. So, who are they reportedly turning to in an effort to right the ship?

If you would have guessed Mel Gibson, you’re somehow right.

Following one of the ugliest falls from grace in recent Hollywood history, Gibson has found himself back near the top of the heap thanks to his hit movie Hacksaw Ridge. That directorial effort has earned him wide critical praise and an Oscar nomination for Best Director.

It also has put him back on the radar of some top Hollywood execs. You know, because money rules everything in Hollywood and Mel Gibson’s suddenly hot name could mean megabucks!

That certainly could be the case for all parties involved as Warner Bros. seeks a new director for Suicide Squad 2.

Yes, Mel Gibson could be tabbed to direct the next installment of a movie that grossed some $745 million at the box office the first time around, despite poor reviews, rumored reshoots, and an insanely expensive marketing campaign.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Gibson is a leading candidate to take on this new task and is already studying up on the DC Comics universe to understand what he might be undertaking.

Just think, only last year Gibson was still a pariah amongst those in the movie business. Now a brilliantly directed movie has anyone and everyone apparently drooling over themselves to hire this guy to direct their next big hit.

Heck, he couldn’t even get a filmed cameo in The Hangover: Part II to actually get on the final edit. That’s how low his stock had sunk at one point. However, this is how Hollywood sees him today according to the Hollywood Reporter:

But Hacksaw Ridge is seen as a major turning point for Gibson. His biopic of conscientious objector Desmond Doss nabbed six Oscar nominations, including one for Gibson for best director, and has made $164 million worldwide to date.

He now finds himself fielding a slew of offers, both from studios and indies. He is in talks to join Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg for Paramount’s Daddy’s Home 2, and is reteaming with Hacksaw Ridge actor Vince Vaughn for gritty crime indie Dragged Across Concrete.

Gibson is undoubtedly talented, but this is the ultimate example of Hollywood being driven solely by money. The guy said some absolutely horrible things, after all, and if his films weren’t bankable, he’d be done.

Of course, DC and Warner Brothers might be getting desperate. This pairing really could go either way.

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