Suicide Squad opens next Friday, Aug. 5, but has a surprise addition to the movie shortly before release.


Directed by David Ayer (Fury), the film will feature some of DC Comics’ most popular characters, including The Joker, Batman and Harley Quinn. But according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit Warner Brothers and DC Films have included another big-time character to the story: The Flash.

THR reports Warner Bros. filmed a scene recently with Ezra Miller, who will be playing the Scarlet Speedster in the upcoming Justice League and his own solo film. The scene will be added to the film, despite it coming out next Friday. This reportedly won’t be a mid- or post-credits scene and will be in the actual movie. It’s surprising to have new footage with an important character added so late in the schedule. But considering the warm reception to Miller’s Flash in the Justice League trailer, I’m sure it will be a small, welcome addition.

Suicide Squad has already done reshoots, which were rumored to be done to inject more humor into the film. No word on whether Miller’s scene was part of those April reshoots or filmed even later. Adding a Flash cameo will certainly inject some life into the bad guy team-up movie. Hopefully, the appearance comes off naturally and not shoe-horned in to acknowledge the larger DC cinematic universe and future movies.

Will Barry Allen show up in his costume? It’s hard to say. Considering the special effects needed for the speedster, it would certainly be a crunch to get it done in time. Either way, this is fun news and may hint at cameos in other upcoming DC films, such as Wonder Woman.

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