It probably doesn’t occur to you to think of the last time you ate candy because it happens so often, but Dwayne Johnson can.

While appearing on Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, Johnson confirmed that he hasn’t eaten candy since 1989. That’s about 27 years and two Bush presidencies ago.

All of that changed when Fallon taunted The Rock with a number of different candy bars. Johnson finally settled on Pop Rocks as the streak-breaker.

Fallon obviously came prepared for the occassion. While discussing Johnson’s long absence from candy, the talk show host brings out a number of treats that includes Twizzlers and a Nerds Rope. Johnson joked that the Nerds Rope wasn’t even around the last time he ate candy.

When Johnson finally caves with the Pop Rocks, Fallon starts dumping it into Johnson’s mouth. If you’re gonna do it, you might as well go for it.

It’s hard to imagine that this one slip-up will do much Johnson’s physique, especially if he stays on his insane diet plan.

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