Will Smith's bungee jump.

Back in the 90s during the heyday of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith and Alfonso Ribero probably didn’t imagine 2018 would see Ribero hosting a YouTube stream of Smith’s 50th birthday bungee jump out of a helicopter into the Grand Canyon. But life works in mysterious ways, as Canadian Press pop culture reporter David Friend relayed:

Oh, also, Smith realized afterwards he should have made a Fresh Prince reference, even if that one didn’t end as well.

That clip does contain the great Smith line of “I ain’t no bungee expert or nothing, but I don’t think he’s supposed to be slamming into the ground like that.” And Smith appeared to use that knowledge well Tuesday. Here’s the after-the-fact, eight-and-a-half minute edited version of his jump:

That’s quite the event, and quite the way to celebrate. And it sounds like there may be more to come.

We’ll see if there’s a sequel or not, but Smith certainly gave the world plenty to talk about with this jump. All this needed was a giant mechanical spider. After all, that worked out well for everyone involved!

[David Friend on Twitter]

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