During the attitude era of the WWE, no pairing got a rise out of the crowd like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Stone Cold Steve Austin. And when the two went head-to-head, the theatrics were some of the best the WWE could ask for.

Still, Dwayne Johnson admits there were times when he may have gone a tad overboard in doing his part to sell the act. When The Rock was on the receiving end of a signature Cold Stone Stunner, nobody sold the move quite as well or theatrically as The Rock.

In a recent episode of the Handsome Rambler podcast, co-hosts Hannibal Buress and Tony Trimm discussed how hard The Rock appeared to sell the move on the receiving end, stressing how well The Rock did his part of selling all other wrestlers’ moves. He specifically mentioned The Rock selling the stunner as an example.

This praise did not go unnoticed by The Rock himself. Johnson revealed how he and Austin would take bets on how much Johnson could do to sell the move:

OK, The Rock did it pretty well. But did Scott Hall sell it better?

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