Aug 31, 2023; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Bubba Wallace answers questions from the media at Charlotte Convention Center. Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Bubba Wallace’s surprise run in the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs ended Sunday when the driver finished 16th at the Charlotte Motor Speedway ROVAL. Afterward, Wallace was unhappy with a NASCAR ruling that might have cost him a shot at advancing to the Round of 8.

In the race’s final stage, Wallace got spun in an accident and went off course in the backstretch chicane. Even though Wallace did not intentionally run off course, NASCAR officials ruled he did not come to a stop, as required, after missing the chicane.

He had to stop on the front straightaway to serve a penalty.


“Honestly, it’s such a B.S. rule,” Wallace told reporters (via “I lost so much track position, and I didn’t completely come to a stop, but I got blown through the chicane, so I thought I’d just keep my momentum up and get back going, fall back in line, and you can go race it out from there.

“But we had to stop on the front stretch, and we’re the only series that does that *** backwards, so not surprised.”

Harsh words, and Wallace kept going when someone asked if NASCAR should re-evaluate that chicane rule.

“They don’t care. They love the entertainment factor and screwing somebody else,” Wallace said.

All in all, it was a terrible way for the driver, who turned 30 on Sunday, to celebrate his birthday.

“I’m honestly surprised no one’s walked up and said sorry, that’s kind of ********,” he said.


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