NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Busch Mar 11, 2023; Avondale, Arizona, USA; NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Busch (8) during qualifying for the United Rentals Work United 500 at Phoenix Raceway. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Two-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Busch thinks there’s a serious problem between the sport’s drivers regarding the way they respect, or don’t respect, one another.

“We have completely lost any sense of respect in the garage between the drivers at all,” Busch said Saturday at Atlanta Motor Speedway. “That’s where the problem lies. Nobody gives two ***** about anybody else.

“It’s just a problem where everybody takes advantage of everybody as much as they can. We’re all selfish, granted. But there was an etiquette that once did live here.

“Mark (Martin) started it. Tony (Stewart) lived by it. I think Jeff (Gordon) lived by it. Bobby Labonte, Rusty (Wallace) for the most part, Dale Jarrett, for sure. It did exist. That’s gone.”

The topic has been a hot one in recent days following Denny Hamlin’s wreck of Ross Chastain’s car during the final lap last weekend in Phoenix. Hamlin was penalized 25 points and $50,000 after saying on his podcast that he did it intentionally due to bad blood with Chastain.

Busch referenced that run-in on Saturday when asked if he understood the difference between “hard racing” and taking another driver out.

“No,” Busch said, “because last year at Gateway was a pretty good representation of cat and mouse and nothing was done. What do we do in those situations?”

Busch added that he would love to see his fellow drivers grow up a little bit and take responsibility for past actions or move on with their lives.

“Drivers to be ethical and take responsibility for their actions and race and race hard.

“If you make a mistake, OK fine, I get it. When you intentionally drive over somebody because they made a move on you or something you didn’t like, then you get punched in the face afterward.”

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