Motorcycle racing is one of the most dangerous forms of racing. All forms of racing are inherently dangerous and motorcycle racing tries to be as safe as possible but there’s only so much you can do when you are riding a bike at nearly 200 mph and crashing means you’re sliding for hundreds of feet hoping you don’t get run over by your competitors.

So while everyone is trying to win, everyone on the track knows there’s a limit and they try to watch themselves so they don’t kill themselves or anyone else. Apparently, Moto 2 rider (one league below Moto GP) Romano Fenati never got that message because he did the absolute dick move of reaching over and applied the brakes on Stefano Manzi.

I don’t need to go into detail how this is completely dangerous and could lead to a serious crash but thankfully Manzi was able to maintain control of his bike. The conflict started when the two riders were forced off the road and into the gravel earlier in the race at the San Marino Grand Prix.

Manzi was penalized for the earlier action but Fenati was disqualified for this race and banned for the next two races for the brake lever idea. That didn’t sit well with many considering Fenati could have injured or killed Manzi and he has a history of doing things like kicking out at riders and shutting off their bikes.

Fenati isn’t the only person who dangerously used their ride to make a stupid point to a competitor. American driver Santino Ferrucci intentionally drove his car into his teammate after a Formula 2 race a couple months ago. Ferrucci is still a Haas development driver but he was banned four races and was dropped by the team. Ferrucci is racing in IndyCar on a temporary basis.


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