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It is big news when NASCAR adds a new manufacturer. In fact, it’s happened just once since 1971, when Toyota entered the sport in 2007.

So recent rumors that Japanese manufacturer Honda is considering a move to NASCAR are turning heads in the sport.

Veteran motorsports reporter Marshall Pruett, who is very familiar with Honda through its participation in IndyCar and IMSA, alluded to the possibility on his podcast this week.

“I have a list — I wish I could tell you what’s on it — of things that I know are in the works, could happen, are being discussed,” Pruett said (via The Drive).”I would say for anybody who’s followed the Honda thing a little bit in however many years past and seen it pop up here, keep following. If you’re a Honda fan and you like NASCAR, you’re probably going to be really happy in the future.”

NASCAR COO Steve O’Donnell told Sports Business Journal in mid-February that the sport’s three manufacturers, Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota, are open to another company joining. He said talks are “heating up” with a fourth automaker.

SBJ’s Adam Stern asked Honda/Acura Motorsports Manager Chuck Schifsky about the rumors.

“As part of our role managing American Honda’s motorsports programs, we need to investigate all forms of motorsport here in the U.S., and as a part of that process, educate ourselves on what race fans are looking for,” Schifsky said. “With that said, we have nothing new to report in terms of our future motorsport direction.”

Despite the evasive answer there, the Honda-to-NASCAR scenario sounds like more than mere rumors.

The talk has the sport buzzing.


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