Yesterday was Star Wars day, but there are still some people who feel the need to remind everyone they have never seen a Star Wars movie before. It seems a bit odd, but it is true. Some people have never seen Star Wars for one reason or another. For those who have not seen a Star Wars movie and think they may one day settle in to watch it, our best advice to you is to avoid watching the video below from NASCAR driver and Star Wars fan Ryan Blaney.

In a span of just under two and a half minutes, Blaney managed to spoil each episode in the Star Wars saga while on the road. Not on a race track, thankfully, but sometimes you just have to kill some time while driving to the next track. What better way to do that than by spoiling the plot to an entire film franchise than spans decades for people?

Observe as Blaney provides the entire history of Star Wars in rapid-fire style, even if his buddies didn’t seem particularly interested.

What franchise can Blaney spoil in similar fashion next? I’d love to hear Blaney run through the Harry Potter franchise if he’s up for it. The Marvel Cinematic Universe films, including the brand new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2? Or maybe the Fast and the Furious franchise would be more appropriate? Either way, let’s please have Blaney do this again.

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