When I played youth soccer, I scored a goal after the goalkeeper tried to clear the ball and hit me in the groin at point blank range. That was very painful and I was on the ground for a while but I at least scored the goal. This poor person not only suffered a rough shot to a body part that’s painful, it resulted in an own goal.

In an attempt to clear the ball, Ísak Atli Kristjánsson instinctively kept the shot out of the net after his goalkeeper missed the save. Unfortunately, the clearance bounced off the face of Orra Þórhallsson and into the net for an own goal. Thanks to FourFourTwo for the spelling of their names.

So not only did Þórhallsson get drilled in the face, he’ll go down in the record book as scoring an own goal. A similar own goal was scored by Gareth Bale when he was at Tottenham years ago. Talk about adding insult to injury, it’s definitely one of the worst ways to score in soccer.


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