Luis Rubiales Luis Rubiales

On Sunday, Spain won the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup championship with a 1-0 win over England in the championship match, but the celebration certainly had an uncomfortable moment between a player and Spanish football president Luis Rubiales.

Following Spain’s World Cup triumph over England, 45-year-old Luis Rubiales could be seen embracing several players on the stage during the celebration, but he seemed to take things a little too far with Spanish soccer star Jenni Hermoso, as he grabbed her by the head and pulled her in for a kiss on the lips.

It was a shocking moment for anyone who witnessed it, and that included Hermoso herself.

“Eh…yeah, I did not enjoy that,” Hermoso told the Spanish TV broadcast of the kiss, according to

This awkward moment came as many players already faced concerns about the leadership of the team as 15 different players refused call-ups to join the team, presumably due to issues with head coach Jorge Vilda.

“No players have gone on record speaking about Vilda, but sources told ESPN last September, the 15 players felt the relationship with the coach had broken down. There are no allegations of inappropriate behaviour against him but there are grievances about his management style on and off the pitch,” ESPN reported.

The actions from Rubiales and the players’ general feelings toward Vilda certainly paint a concerning picture of Spain’s leadership.

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