Megan Rapinoe and Taylor Swift Megan Rapinoe and Taylor Swift

The United States Women’s National Team and superstar Megan Rapinoe have taken a lot of criticism over the past few weeks after they were eliminated from the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, but Rapinoe seems to think that a lot of that criticism is rooted in misogyny – similar to what pop star Taylor Swift faces.

During a recent interview with The Atlantic, Megan Rapinoe opened up about the criticism the USWNT took throughout this World Cup, and she used the opportunity to praise women like Taylor Swift for fighting for what she deserves while still being great at what she does.

“Really, what’s happening is that the right wing wants this to be true: They want women to believe that you can’t fight for things and be excellent; you can’t ask for what you deserve and be successful. But the reality is, we’re doing that. Beyoncé is doing that. Taylor Swift is doing that. Coco Gauff is doing that. We are still great on the field, and we’re fighting for equality, and it’s better for our bottom line and the sport’s,” Rapinoe told The Atlantic.

Swift has recently made the bold decision to re-record all of her previous albums to make sure she has the rights to all of the master tracks to all of her songs – taking what she deserves, as Rapinoe puts it. And she’s been undeniably successful as her “Taylor’s Version” tracks have become more popular than the original versions, which are owned by someone else.

Both Rapinoe and Swift have taken criticism for their outspoken stances on social issues and both have been widely successful in their fields. So it makes sense that Rapinoe sees a comparison.

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