Roman Celentano, the goalkeeper for Cincinnati FC, allowed a brutal and hilarious own goal on Saturday against St. Louis City SC.

Sometimes in sports, it’s just not your night. And for Roman Celentano, the goalkeeper for Major League Soccer’s FC Cincinnati, that was the case on Saturday.

FC Cincinnati was already having a rough game against St. Louis City SC, trailing 4-0 in the second half. St. Louis’ Rasmus Alm looked to build on that lead when he fired a shot from just outside of the box.

The shot got by Celentano but was off the mark, hitting off of the post. That ended up being bad news for the goalkeeper. Because while getting beat by a rocket shot from Alm would have been bad, it wouldn’t have been particularly embarrassing. The same can not be said for what actually happened.

Alm’s shot banged off of the post and right to Celentano, who had his back to the net. The ball then hit off of Celentano’s head and bounced into the net for an own goal.

That just feels like a Southwest Airlines “Wanna get away?” commercial or that it only should be viewed with Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” playing in the background.

Soccer fans felt for Celentano after this mistake.

If there’s any good news, it’s the game situation. If you’re ever going to make an all-time bad blooper, you might as well do it in a blowout game. Sure, it’s still embarrassing but at least it didn’t really cost Celentano or his team anything.


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