Reigning Premier League champs Manchester City played what may have been the first truly great contest of the EPL season today, hosting fellow title hopefuls Tottenham in a back-and-forth contest.

It even featured City manager Pep Guardiola and star forward Sergio Aguero getting into a shouting match after Aguero was subbed off.

Meanwhile, with the match tied 2-2, Gabriel Jesus (the player brought on for Aguero) looked to have won the match for Manchester City, until VAR overruled the decision.

That’s a very unlucky ruling, to be honest, and it’s hard to see an unintentional arm ricochet that happens to benefit a team being the kind of thing VAR is intended to get involved with. Torsten Frings arm keeping a ball out of the net in the 2002 World Cup? Yes, by all means, overrule the hell out of that kind of thing.

This, though, felt much less appropriate. It’s a big road point for Tottenham, obviously, and considering Liverpool is also very much a threat, it’s the kind of swing that could very well end up having an effect on the title race when we get to the end of the season. It’s unfortunate that we were denied a thrilling ending to a thrilling match, as well.

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