Toronto FC fans started a fire in the stands against the Ottawa Fury.

Soccer matchs sometimes see flares in the stands, and that takes some criticism for safety concerns and more. Well, some Toronto FC fans went even further than your average flare in Wednesday night’s Voyageurs Cup (Canadian championship) semifinal against the Ottawa Fury, setting off fireworks that led to fires starting in the stands and even apparently spreading to the field at points:

Toronto FC head coach Greg Vanney apologized after the match for the incident, which he called an “embarrassing scene.” Meanwhile, some supporters were ejected:

And The Voyageurs, the Canadian supporters’ group that instituted the Voyageurs Cup in the first place, later condemned this in both English and French:

The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group, which owns the Fury, also put out a statement:

At any rate, this certainly led to some controversy. Toronto FC won the match 1-0, with the return leg in Toronto Wednesday. We’ll see if that one involves any fires.


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