The United States and Canada may have been opponents on Thursday night, but they were united in the message they sent before the game as both the USWNT and Team Canada stood in solidarity of gender equality and trans rights before the SheBelieves Cup match at Orlando’s Exploria Stadium.

Ahead of Thursday night’s match, players from both Canada and the United States teams wore purple tape on one wrist which signified gender equality, and white tape on the other wrist with “Defend Trans Joy” written on it.

The move comes as Canada fights for equal treatment as their men’s national team. Though the United States was on the other side of the contest, they were proud to support Canada in its fight for equality.

“Although we are now on the other side of this fight and can focus on our play on the field, our counterparts in Canada and elsewhere are experiencing the same pervasive misogyny and unequal treatment that we faced,” the USWNT Players Association said in a statement. “We stand with all women’s footballers in calling attention to their collective fight, but also call on everyone to join and support the fight to eradicate all inequality and discrimination that exists in our sport.”

Both Canada and the United States also showed clear support for trans rights as several high-profile bills are hindering trans rights and expression.