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The FIFA World Cup is upon us and the 32 countries taking part will debut their own look for the tournament. Some countries hit the mark and some didn’t. This is a look at those who didn’t, and for one reason or another, they will be wearing some terrible-looking kits in Qatar.

These are the five countries heading into the World Cup with the worst kits:


2022 Serbia Home kit2022 Serbia Away kit

5. Serbia

Serbia’s kits are functional. Their all-red kit is alright, but it’s the all-white kit with the gold insignia with a faint “SRB” inside that puts them on this list. A plain white shirt is bad enough, but Puma’s idea to have a logo in the middle is a swing and a miss.


2022 Switzerland Home kit2022 Switzerland Away kit

4. Switzerland

Other than the shoulders, Switzerland’s all-red kit is just that. Red. Plain-looking kits are so commonplace these days that while companies want to tell you it’s “clean,” it also looks lazy. The white kit has a little style, but the middle logo is… something. Many people have pointed out that Switzerland’s white kit looks like it has a “Hi, my name is…” sticker and they have a point. It just looks bad.


2022 USA Home kit2022 USA Away kit

3. United States

It’s been over a month since these kits were unveiled and time has not improved these designs. The USMNT’s white kit looks like something I can buy for $20, and when I can say that, you’re going on this list. It looks cheap, and there’s something to be said about asking people to pay $170 (authentic) and $95 (replica) when it looks far cheaper than that.

The blue kit is tolerable, and maybe in a few years if I see them on sale for $20 at TJ Maxx, I’ll buy one. Until then, I’m fine with neither of these going into my kit collection, and I’ll extend my streak of not buying a USA kit. Come on, Nike and U.S. Soccer. I want to give you money, but you have to meet me halfway.


2022 Costa Rica Home kit2022 Costa Rica Away kit

2. Costa Rica

As much as I don’t like the United States kits, they at least tried to get creative with one of them. Costa Rica’s kits are the same design just with different colors. One is red, and the other is white with blue at the end of the sleeves. They look as exciting as I described them.


2022 Canada Home kit2022 Canada Away kit

1. Canada

Oh… Canada. You qualify for your first World Cup in 36 years and you’re going to show up looking like this? I mean, Canada’s soccer execs probably spent more time (and money) designing their custom suits. Hopefully, Canada plays better than they’ll look out on the pitch, though I think that’s already a given.

[Featured photo: Nike/All kit photos from World Soccer Shop]

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