Throughout the men’s Wimbledon final, Nick Kyrgios vocally went after a lot of people during his match. One notable moment was Kyrgios exclaiming to the umpire how a drunk woman, “who looks like she’s had 700 drinks,” was messing up his play.

If you were watching on ESPN, seven-time Grand Slam champion John McEnroe was on the call. And that made things rather interesting/awkward. McEnroe had outbursts of his own back when he was on top of the tennis world. In fact, the main thing people remember McEnroe by is him shouting “You cannot be serious!” toward an umpire at Wimbledon in 1981.

During the broadcast, McEnroe threw stones in his metaphorical glass house, noting about how Kyrgios should calm down and was sabotaging himself with his outbursts. McEnroe might be right, but he’s not exactly the person who should be pointing that out unless he’s willing to go into his own past.

Keep in mind, McEnroe last played a Grand Slam in 1992 and has made way more money since via doing commercials, hosting game shows, doing guest spots on various TV shows and movies, and hosting Saturday Night Live with the words, “You cannot be serious!” Needless to say, many on social media pointed out the hypocrisy of McEnroe criticizing someone else for getting too emotional on the tennis court.

Novak Djokovic wound up winning in four sets for his seventh Wimbledon singles title.

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