Drone Brevard Mosquito Control and Leading Edge Aerial Technologies using drone to treat areas where helicopter can’t properly reach. They were launching from the parking lot of Riviera Park Palm Bay.

The NYPD is taking security very seriously at the US Open, which began Monday.

The department announced Monday it will deploy a strong security presence at the event, including bomb-sniffing dogs and “heavy weapons teams.”

The NYP is particularly cracking down on drones operating around the tennis event at Flushing Meadows in Queens. Although New York City recently loosened restrictions on drone use, those don’t apply around the US Open, Rebecca Weiner, NYPD deputy commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism, said the department will be protecting airspace around the event.

“[NYPD will] be deploying our counter-drone capabilities,” Weiner said (via The New York Post).

“Be mindful, the city has recently changed some of its rules surrounding drone permitting. However, the NYPD and our law enforcement partners have a zero tolerance policy for unauthorized persons found operating drones in and around this center.”

The US Open is no stranger to drone-related incidents. A drone flew above players Flavia Pennetta and Monica Niculescu before crashing into the stands during a match at the 2015 event. A New York City school teacher was arrested and charged on several counts after that incident.

Weiner said anyone flying a drone around the US Open will be subject to arrest. She also vowed an increased security presence, including bomb-sniffing dogs and heavy weapons teams in and around the facility. However, Weiner said there is no specific threat involving the US Open.

“We’re going to have an obvious uniformed counterterrorism presence as well as plainclothes personnel deployed throughout the site,” Weiner said.

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