Brittney Griner Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, Brittney Griner and her teammates were harassed and provoked at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport by YouTube personality Alex Stein who yelled political questions at Griner. And now, Griner’s agent is speaking out on her behalf.

Following the incident, Brittney Griner’s agent Lindsay Kagawa Colas said that it was a reminder that WNBA players will continue to be “targets of hate, threats and violence” as a result of their “activism.”

“Brittney Griner and the @WNBA players are leaders who inspire hope for a better, more inclusive and less divided America. They are celebrated for the ways their activism inspires positive change. In doing that, they also become targets for hate, threats and violence and today’s incident is a clear reminder of that,” Lindsay Kagawa Colas said in a tweet.

“We cannot celebrate these women and their leadership without also protecting them. It’s past time for charters and enhanced security measures for all players,” she continued, adding the hashtag #WeAreBG to the end of her tweet.

Griner, of course, made her return to the WNBA last month after missing all of last season due to her wrongful detainment in Russia. She spent 10 months in Russian custody after authorities found a small amount of prescription hashish oil in her luggage and ultimately sentenced her to nine years in a Russia penal colony before the United States secured her release with a prisoner swap.

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