Liv Morgan (center), Dakota Kai (left), and Jade Cargill (right) are 3 WWE superstars who could break out after WrestleMania.

We are knee-deep into WrestleMania season, ladies and gentlemen. It’s an exciting time, and everyone has all their thoughts and attention on Philadelphia. But what about what happens after that?

Oftentimes, while WrestleMania is the ‘end’ for many, the aftermath is the beginning for many others. There’s opportunity all over to break out and grab momentum while it’s there.

Here are five wrestlers in WWE who could have an opportunity to break out after WrestleMania XL.

Bron Breakker

The bidding war for NXT Tag Team Champion Bron Breakker was a big feature for Rick Steiner’s son until he signed with Smackdown. Breakker hasn’t gotten his feet completely wet yet, but his two early showings broadcast an idea that they have big plans for him. He’s mowed through his first matches quickly and easily and hasn’t been challenged. He likely won’t appear at WrestleMania, but Bron might have a full plate of opportunity coming his way after. There might be a new United States Champion after WrestleMania, so with a fast-track, could Bron be next in line? The title has bounced around much more than its counterpart, so anything is possible.

Chad Gable

All eyes will be on Chad Gable this week after he participates in a Gauntlet Match to determine Gunther’s next challenger. Gable’s gotten a great sell through some awesome video packages online. There’s clearly some steam behind him, and Gable’s earned his rising status through crowd adoration and talent. If he beats Gunther, he’ll win the Intercontinental Title, and ascend into greatness in the process. Gunther’s been unchallenged since he arrived in WWE two years ago. A win not only might cause a breakout for Chad Gable, it could send him into another stratosphere.

Dakota Kai

The positioning boost that Dakota Kai is about to get will send her through the roof. She’s revealed herself to be the mastermind behind Damage CTRL, which ousted Bayley, the Royal Rumble winner, a few weeks ago after Bayley announced she would challenge IYO for the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania. Dakota likely isn’t going to challenge for the championship anytime soon, but her role is about to expand hugely. Kai will likely become a very interesting character, with her untrustworthiness rising to the surface lately. Of anyone, I’d consider her the Money in the Bank favorite this year in Toronto, which if it happens, could only expand her case further.

Jade Cargill

There’s been a lot of mystery around Jade Cargill, but that’s likely by design. When WWE signed her away from AEW, the raw Cargill still needed a lot of time, according to Triple H. Cargill likely has been putting in work at the WWE Performance Center between her sporadic appearances on TV. She has everything going for her and will obviously be a major deal when she finally lands on TV. They’re teasing her involvement in the big Bayley-Damage CTRL storyline on Smackdown, which might be a very fascinating spot for her. Cargill will surely break out and break the dang mold. It’s just a matter of “when” and not “if.”

Liv Morgan

In Liv Morgan‘s case, we ask, “Can you break out twice?”

In Liv’s case… yes, you can.

Morgan remains a critical part of Raw’s women’s division heading into WrestleMania. It’s clear that Rhea Ripley will defend her championship against Becky Lynch at the big show and not Morgan or even Nia Jax.

Liv’s “Revenge Tour” could be put on hiatus while that happens, but don’t expect her to be far from the scene. Not if the last few weeks are nay indication. The company also appears to be placing a fascinating bridesmaid tag on her, which means a bigger victory could be on the horizon. Out of all these contenders, Liv feels closest to the breakout to superstardom. She’s already crossed one threshold and might be about to leap into another.

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