St Louis BattleHawks win due to XFL rules 4th and 15.

You wouldn’t be blamed for turning off Sunday’s XFL game between the San Antonio Brahmas and St. Louis BattleHawks at halftime. The defensive struggle was tied 3-3 at the half and the St. Louis offense didn’t seem very capable of doing anything on the day thanks to an impressive San Antonio offense. However, everything changed in the final two minutes and we ended up with a pretty fantastic finish.

San Antonio seemed well on its way to victory when kicker John Parker Romo put them up 15-3 over the listless BattleHawks. However, that’s when quarterback AJ McCarron kicked things into high gear, eventually scoring the team’s first touchdown of the season to make it 15-9. Under league rules, they could then go for a three-pointer if they took the ball from the 10-yard-line and that’s exactly what they did, converting three points on a laser pass from McCarren to Austin Proehl, son of former NFL receiver Ricky Proehl, who also happens to be the team’s WR coach.

Rather than kick the ball off to the Brahmas, the BattleHawks took advantage of another XFL rule that allowed them to run a 4th-and-15 from their side of the field. If they converted, they’d get the keep the ball and drive. That’s exactly what they did and they eventually drove down the field and went ahead on a huge touchdown pass from McCarron to Proehl.

With little time remaining, San Antonio barely got one play and then the game was over, closing the door on an epic comeback and a great way to start the XFL season.

The end of the game, and the way the XFL’s rules allowed it to play out, were a huge hit with football fans afterward.

The bar has been raised, Seattle Sea Dragons and DC Defenders…

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