Randy Edsall Gambles Future On Mike Locksley

Randy Edsall is either very secure in his standing at Maryland, or he believes the gamble on hiring the embattled Mike Locksley as the Terps new offensive coordinator is going to pay off.

Locksley joined the Maryland staff on Thursday, approximately three months after he was fired at New Mexico. Locksley’s firing was not a shock after 2 ½ miserable seasons, which resulted in a 2-26 record and numerous off-the-field issues.

He was actually considered for the head coaching position before Maryland landed Edsall, but Locksley had way too much baggage for the Terps to seriously consider him.

Among his alleged transgressions was an apparent choking and punching incident of a former New Mexico assistant, and he was accused of sexual harassment by a former UNM administrative assistant.

So you can see why this is a huge gamble for Edsall, who is on shaky ground after just one season in College Park. But there are two encouraging reasons why Edsall announced this hire two days ago.

First, Locksley enjoyed a positive six-year run as Maryland’s running backs coach from 1997-2002, which also included five years as the Terps recruiting coordinator.

And the most important reason this hire makes some sense is Locksley’s skill as a recruiter. Locksley knows the Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Tidewater region of Virginia about as well as anyone. This area is loaded with talented football players, and that’s something the Maryland program needs after a 2-10 season.

But does Locksley still have the recruiting touch? His star faded fast at New Mexico.

He earned a reputation as Florida’s recruiting coordinator and enhanced it even more when he moved to Illinois with Ron Zook. His name popped up on a number of coaching searches before he landed at New Mexico in 2009.

From there he became the biggest laughingstock of all college coaches. Edsall is giving him a second chance to rebuild his image, which is in need of a major overhaul.

As you may have already read, but Crystal Ball’s own Aaron Torres has given us his thoughts on Edsall…and they weren’t too flattering.

So it goes without saying, but this is a huge gamble by Edsall. Now we can sit back watch how it plays out in College Park.