Friendly suggestions for the C-USA/MWC merger

Today it was announced that sixteen FBS universities from Conference USA and the Mountain West Conference would be combining to create the next great Superconference… or whatever their mid-market equivalent may be.  The new conference is looking to expand to 18-24 universities, include a football championship game and semifinals, and stretch across the entire United States.  The universities at the moment include:

Air Force, UAB, Colorado State, East Carolina, Fresno State, Hawaii, Marshall, Nevada, New Mexico, UNLV, Rice, Southern Mississippi, UTEP, Tulane, Tulsa and Wyoming. 

Wow.  Who wouldn’t be excited for rivalries like Marshall-Wyoming and UAB-UNLV to be kicked into high gear?  The conference does have some solid programs like Southern Miss, Fresno State, and East Carolina.  Hawaii has made it to a BCS bowl before as well.  But, there’s also a lot of programs in this new league whose high water mark is making the New Mexico Bowl.  Perhaps the strategy here is acquiring a BCS berth by consolidating all possible candidates for Big East expansion.  

The good news is it’s only 4,684 miles from Greenville, North Carolina to Honolulu, Hawaii.  That trip could easily be done in a day or two.  At least Hawaii is a football only member, so not all the ECU athletic teams will have to make the venture to Hawaii.  No, instead the ECU soccer and volleyball programs will get the distinct pleasure of taking trips to Wyoming, Nevada, and New Mexico.  

It could be worse for the student athletes, at least this newest conference hasn’t yet reached out to Alaska-Fairbanks.  I’d be shocked if the Big East wasn’t already planning to circumvent their missing out on the biggest conference in the land by reaching out to Krasnoyarsk State University or the American University of Paris to retake the title of Most Geographically Ridiculous Conference In The History Of The Universe.  

But until that day comes, we thought it may be helpful to assist the former Conference USA and Mountain West schools in naming the newest and most monstrous creation of conference realignment to grace college football.  I polled the Twitterverse and offered some more suggestions below.  Perhaps the schools are already taking a few of these under consideration as we speak.  It could really help their brand potential…

CONFERENCE AMERICA! (via francisco_u_ill)

The WhACk

Camp Clusterf*ck for the Forgotten Souls of College Football (via 1stJoshRobinson)

The MRSA Conference (via dgoldenberg)

The MOUNT USA Conference (via SIHolly)

The Who Cares Conference (via Lincolning)

Conference Meh (via DSmithImages)

The Conference Of Misfit Toys

The Every State Except South & North Dakota Conference (via vicarioso)

The Two Star Recruit Conference (via dbaybucks)

The Kardashian Conference (via Pantherrants)

The Big Irrelevant Conference (via FauxTrentDilfer)

The Transamerica Conference (via EricGarment)

The Big !?!?!

The WTF Conference (via bitterwhiteguy)

The Expendables (via kslshep)

The Globex Conference

The Not Good Enough Conference (via lozotweets)

Hey, At Least We’re Still Better Than The Sun Belt!

The ExtenZe Conference (via blatanthomerism)

The Honey Badger Conference… because we don’t give a sh*t about geographical proximity.

What would you name this new Frankensteinesque creation?

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