Pac-Man is Making a Comeback as an Interactive Slot Game

Many arcade game enthusiasts experienced playing Pac-Man at a young age. It holds a nostalgic appeal with an added retro feel. There is no doubt why Pac-Man has stood the test of time as a consistent favourite. At the height of arcade game resurgence, the original developers of Pac-Man, Battle Royale, decided to team up with Gamblit Gaming in order to bring a casino version of Pac-Man called Pac-Man Battle Casino.

This is a unique concept as it combines an arcade game and gaming mechanics involving real money. There is a huge potential market for this type of game as it taps into the childhood fun of playing at arcades with the added bonus of winning money. Since other games have made the transition, it was only a matter of time before Pac-Man would follow suit. The game will be featured live on casino floors via Gamblit’s Model G interactive games tables.

Why adapt a casino version of an arcade game?

The answer to this question is plain and simple. The same people who have grown up playing Pac-Man in arcades are likely the same people playing in casinos today. Imagine the revenue lost when these gamblers get bored with traditional casino games such as poker and blackjack.  Besides this, there is a huge potential in developing and innovating games that will cater to a wider demographic. Not only will casinos be able to cater to an older crowd, but with games like Pac-Man, there is a larger chance for younger gamblers to become more interested in gambling.

These days, there are more and more people looking for other gambling options offered online. The shift continues to increase as the demand for more fun and interactive games continue to grow. It is certainly a genius idea to bring in the world of video games into casinos. This is yet another way to engage clients and keep them coming back for more.


BANDAI NAMCO is a leading global developer of interactive games featured in most consoles and online platforms. As part of their roster of games, Pac-Man was named “Most Successful Coin-Operated Game” in 2005 by the Guinness Book of World Records. Because of the popularity of this game, BANDAI NAMCO believes it’s a genius idea to turn Pac-Man into a real-money casino game. It’s expected to appeal not only to fans of Pac-Man but also to players who love competing head-to-head in order to win a large sum of money.

Gamblit Gaming

The company features in many of the top casinos in Las Vegas. They developed the first multiplayer interactive game tables used in land-based casinos. Over the years, they have closely worked with game developers in order to transform games and bring them to the world of big-money casinos. They are dedicated to revolutionizing the casino experience by bringing in a casual and fun arcade feel through their gaming tables. There is no doubt that tapping into this market brings in huge revenues for casinos by bringing in a new breed of clientele.

Pac-Man Battle Casino

The game made its debut during the Global Gaming Expo in October 2017. The game was featured in a multiplayer table where two to four players’ battle head to head until the last person standing is declared the winner. Both the developers of Pac-Man and Gamblit Gaming expect a great reception for the game once it becomes available in land-based casinos.

By innovating the world of interactive arcade games, it becomes more accessible to a wider audience. Depending on how well received Pac-Man Battle Casino becomes, there is a chance that more arcade games will be explored for development into real-money interactive gaming options. This is only the beginning of another era in gambling. Pac-Man will no longer be just a retro game enjoyed by fans but will feature high stakes and big money open to anyone who is willing to battle against other players.