For anyone who enjoys eating and drinking (which makes just about all of us), we always seem to be interested in how innovative we can be with our food and eating experience. Here’s just another example of that.

On the site Popsugar, there is now one of those lovely instructional videos on how to make shot glasses made out of cheese. These are designed for putting wine in — thus having the “wine and cheese experience” all-in-one. However, this is America. So put whatever liquid you want in there.

Like any of these sort of videos, it’s probably harder than to do yourself than it is for the person in the video (Who doesn’t love the video where the person making the food magically pulls out pounds of cookie dough out of their fridge?). But like most of these sort of videos, it looks damn good.

According to, this isn’t the only edible shot glass. There are cinnamon roll-flavored glasses, among others. So basically, I’ve been wasting my time with those stupid glass shot glasses. Silly me. I guess the travel-related souvenir businesses better watch out.


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