Bullfighting is most often associated with the Iberian peninsula nations of Spain and Portugal, but they do occur elsewhere, including France. And France is where we get this week’s best example of irony in action, as a man attempting to protest the pastime was attacked by the very bull he was attempting to protect.

Of course, when you read the details of the protest, you begin to see how it was always going to end this way:

An anti-bullfighting activist jumped into the arena in Carcassone, southern France, on Sunday and was promptly attacked by one of the animals he wants to protect, local police said. Two protesters, a man and a woman, were in the audience before managing to make their way into the main ring during the “novillada”, a series of fights involving young bulls.

One bull charged at the man who, according to police a received “a long but not deep” injury from its horns. The protester, in his 30s, “was very lucky” that he was not properly gored and was only lightly injured, another source said.

He was taken to Carcassone hospital for examinations. His female companion was not inured and was arrested by police.

As that article notes, bullfighting is actually banned throughout most of France, but remains legal in a few areas out of respect for tradition. And while there are arguments to be made on both sides of this particular issue, the one thing that we can all agree on should be this: irony is always worth rooting for.


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