I think a drive-thru comic book store is a great idea, but not anything like this.

Okay, bad joke aside, this had to have been a scary moment for both the driver and the people inside this comic book store. At full speed, an SUV drove through a comic book store in Huntsville, Alabama. As you can see, the driver crashed into the storefront and was carrying so much speed that the vehicle reached the other end of the store.

According to The DeeP Comics & Games YouTube page, the driver suffered a seizure while driving and crashed into the store. While the driver suffered undisclosed injuries, those inside the store were miraculously uninjured.

Reading about the crash, everyone involved was very lucky regarding this outcome. The driver drove through the only glass part of the storefront instead of the surrounding brick outer layer. No employees or customers were in that part of the store when the crash happened. And a paramedic was in the store at the time and able to treat the driver immediately until further help arrived saving the driver from potentially more serious injuries.

It’s going to take a while to clean up and get back to business again but I’m sure everyone involved is thankful everyone was safe. That’s the important thing to remember.

[io9/WHNT/Photo: Chelsea Brentzel/WHNT News 19]

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