The reigning AL champion Cleveland Indians want to send a horde of their players to the All-Star Game in Miami next month. To do that, the team created videos urging their fans to vote for their players, as nearly every team across baseball does.

But the Indians took things to a different level by turning shortstop Francisco Lindor into David Caruso’s CSI: Miami character Horatio Caine, complete with “witty” one-liner.

The lack of the YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH! spoiled it, but I can’t blame the Indians for not wanting to pay royalty rights to The Who for a stupid All-Star Game ad.

On an unrelated note, here’s a brief David Caruso CSI: Miami compilation.

As of last week’s American League update, exactly zero Indians were leading the voting at their respective positions. However, the two stars of that commercial, Lindor and Jose Ramirez, ranked second at shortstop and third base, behind Carlos Correa and Miguel Sano, respectively. Michael Brantley is also fourth in the outfield race, attempting to run down George Springer for the final starting spot.

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